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There is growing awareness and evidence of the benefits that healthy ecosystems provide to our own health and well-being.

Trees and Forests

Wetlands, Lakes and Rivers

Parks and Trails

  • Reduce smog and other forms of pollution by filtering out many airborne pollutants linked to heart disease, respiratory illnesses, diabetes, and cancer

  • Provide shade, reducing health risks from solar radiation

  • Provide natural air conditioning, reducing health risks from high summer temperatures

  • Absorb rainfall and snow melt, reducing flooding and recharging aquifers

  • Support recreation activities such as hiking, bird-watching, camping and picnicking

  • Capture carbon to help mitigate climate change

  • Filter sediment, nutrients and pollution, helping to clean our drinking water sources

  • Recharge groundwater and reduce risks of flooding

  • Moderate the local climate

  • Support recreation activities such as swimming, fishing and canoeing

  • Provide natural settings for outdoor recreation and physical activities

  • Provide contact with nature to support mental health and emotional well-being

  • Create attractive, liveable communities

Improving Ontario’s Ecohealth

In this video, produced by Powerline Films, Ecohealth Ontario partners highlight what ecohealth means for the well-being of people and ecosystems in both our urban and rural communities and how various sectors play a role in making that well-being a reality.

How Greenspace Can Boost Your Health

This short animated video explores the positive impacts that nature has on our health and well-being such as decreasing chronic conditions such as asthma and strokes.

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