Pathways to a Greener, Healthier Tomorrow

EcoHealth Ontario (EHO) is a collaborative of professionals in the fields of public health, medicine, education, planning and the environment who are working together to increase the quality and diversity of the urban and rural spaces in which we live.

Our Roadmap Sucess 

There is growing evidence and awareness of the benefits that healthy ecosystems provide to the health and well-being of our communities. Yet the challenges we face include:

  • Intensifying climate change impacts

  • Increasing prevalence of physical and mental health issues

  • There is unequal access to the availability of good quality Greenspaces

  • We continue to see loss and degradation of greenspaces’ natural features and functions

  • Public policy to address these challenges is limited

What is Greenspace?

Public spaces such as parks, conservation areas, greenways, trails, urban and rural forests, street trees, community gardens, school grounds, shorelines and ravines

Private and Institutional spaces such as gardens, rooftops, cemeteries, golf courses and outdoor spaces associated with businesses, hospitals, care homes and universities

Greenspaces provide multiple benefits including economic, environmental, social and public health.

Achieving Our Vision

We are providing tools and information for professionals and decision-makers so that they can help us to:

  • Protect and increase greenspaces

  • Build awareness of the benefits of greenspace to health and well-being

  • Increase the use of greenspace among those with greatest needs

  • Share resources and collaborate across sectors

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EcoHealth Ontario gratefully acknowledges the Ontario Trillium Foundation

for their generous support of our work.